Each Sunday the youth meet during the 11:00 service in the Memorial Lounge for discussion and prayer. The first Sunday of each month is pizza Sunday. The Youth Group also meets alternate Fridays. Our youth leaders are Luke and Laurin (in the picture), and they would love to introduce you to the rest of our youth and to the youth activities at St. Peter's!

St. Peter's Youth

Our High School students (some pictured above) meet every Sunday during the morning service, as well as some Friday evenings. On Sunday mornings, the youth join the service to begin, then leave for their group-time after the set of songs led by the band. 

Sunday mornings, Luke and Laurin, our youth leaders, lead discussions and activities on a range of topics related to scripture and the interests of youth today. Friday evenings are planned for fun programs, sometimes with other youth groups in the city. The youth are also involved in various forms of mission and community service. Come join us! You can contact Luke or Laurin at

Luke Bayly and Laurin Vroom
Youth Leaders

Laurin and Luke joined St.Peter's as co-Youth Leaders in September 2012, both having had previous experience in teen ministry as part of the Crosstalk Ministries Senior Youth Camp staff for several years.

When not leading our youth, Laurin is a registered nurse and loves working with teens because she can relate to them and explain the Bible and Jesus in a way that makes sense to them. Not only is living for Christ possible in a society that rejects Him, but it makes relationships and challenging situations so much better! Laurin prays that her life emulates what she preaches, so that in all things God the Father may be glorified!

Luke is a software programmer by profession. He participates in organizing youth services and residential camps for Crosstalk Ministries. He also loves to play music on worship teams/bands, usually with some kind of percussion, and he enjoy talkings about science, theology, philosophy, and computer games.